Pair of French Open Armchairs c.1950


Pair of Large French Salon Armchairs c.1950.


Welsh Oak Box Settle c.1790


Pair of Long Walnut Gallery Seats c.1910.


Regency Mahogany Window Seat c.1820


Large Ottoman Window Seat c.1880


Carved Walnut Duet Stool c.1910.


Carved Oak Box Settle c.1900


Ottoman Stool or Box Seat c.1860


Pair of Large Wingback Armchairs


Pair of Carved and Gilded Chippendale Style Armchairs.


French Empire Style Brass Mounted Mahogany Armchair c.1900.


Pair of Large Leather Wingback Armchairs.


Two 19th.c. Welsh Oak Box Seat Armchairs c.1800.

£325 each.

Pair of Walnut Open Armchairs c.1880.


Large Oak Stool c.1910.


Large Carved Oak Hall Bench c.1880.


Rosewood Couch c.1880.


Pair of Short Oak Benches c.1960.


Two Gothic Oak Armchairs c.1930.


Regency Scroll End Couch c.1820.


Oak Stool with Original Needlework Cover c.1880.


Long 18th.c. Provincial Fruitwood Bench c.1780.


Empire Style Brass Mounted Mahogany Daybed c.1900.


Pair of Louis XVI Style Salon Sofas c.1930.


Pair of Smoker’s Bow Armchairs c.1880.


Pair of Carved Oak Hall Chairs c.1850.


Pair of Large Gainsborough Style Easy Armchairs.


Pair of Moorish Style Hall Chairs c.1890.


Pair 19th.c. Brass & Iron Savonarola Style Armchairs c.1890.


Pair Regency Era Mahogany Scroll Arm Armchairs c.1830.


Long Pine Tack Room Bench c.1890.


Long Walnut Window Seat c.1910.


Pair of Long Cherrywood Benches c.1880.


Three Seater Green Leather Sofa.


French Open Armchair with Original Covers c.1880.


Large Mahogany & Leather Easy Armchair c.1860.


Pair of Regency Mahogany Open Armchairs c.1820.


Pair of Brass Inlaid Side Chairs c.1870.


Pair of Gothic Revival Oak Hall Chairs c.1870.


Pair of Giltwood Dressing Stools c.1900.


Upholstered Dressing Stool c.1960.


Mahogany Dressing Stool c.1910.


Carolean Style Carved Walnut Couch c.1930.