French Portrait of a Gentleman c.1820.

Early 19th.c. potrait of a French gentleman in oil on canvas c.1820. A rather severe looking older gentleman with dark thinning hair brushed forward in the fashion of the period and wearing a heavy frock coat and white necktie. Identified as Simeon Bourges de Maillet in red gothic script across the top of the canvas together with a family crest featuring three hammers (Maillet translates as mallet). Maillet is a small town in the centre of France and a notable family name. Some obvious wear to the surface of the canvas, mostly away from the face. The name seems to have repainted at some time with the original version (same name but diffrent script) visable below. Presented unframed on the original stretcher.


Dimensions: width 21″, height 25 ½”.
Year: c.1820.
Price: £495
Stock Number: 34153