Watkin Owen of Llanrwst Longcase Clock.

Delighted to be able to show you some images this excellent longcase clock by Watkin Owen of Llanrwst, probably the most celebrated Welsh clock maker, which is fresh on the floor today having been cleaned and overhauled. Good eight day, five pillar movement by Owen behind a handsome engraved brass face with separate chapter ring, second hand and date display. Fine Conwy valley oak case of beautiful colour and condition with a broken pediment to the hood over distinctive blind fretwork. Original backboard dated 1788 (probably painted over the original chalk date).

Watkin Owen clock

The Owen family of Llanrwst, a small market town in the Conwy valley, are probably the most prolific and best known family of 18th century clockmakers in Wales. Watkin Owen (1755-1809) was aged just 21 when his father, the repected clockmaker John Owen died. After establishing himself as head of the business, he improved and refined his father’s works, adding a fifth pillar to the movement and producing a remarkable number of clocks of consistantly high quality and reliability housed in excellent regional cases. For more information about Watkin Owen you can’t beat the remarkable study of his output which makes up the bulk of Colin and Mary Brown’s book The Clockmakers of Llanrwst.

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