Portrait of Joseph van Crombrugghe.


Superb large framed portrait Joseph van Crombrugge (1770-1842), statesman and twice mayor of the city of Gent. By the Belgian painter Julien Van de Veegaete (1886-1960) after the original by Joseph Paelinck (1781-1839) which is in the collection of the Gent Stadsmuseum. Very well painted in oil on a 31″ x 39½” canvas. A half length seated portrait dressed in his splendid gold embroidered uniform as the head of the Guild of St George, a guild of guardsmen who protected the city. Beside him on a table stand a gold cup (note the crossbowman on the finial, a silver tazza and the guild’s gold embroidered pennant, whist over his shoulder to the right of the picture stands a ‘sprang’ a tall mast with stuffed birds used for shooting practice.
Presented in a beautiful gilded frame with moulded Empire style decoration which is itself identical to the one in the Stadsmuseum. Mounted with an engraved plaque which records in French van Crombrugghe’s dates and various official positions as a State Councillor, Member of the Estates General and Mayor of Gent.
With a faint painted inscription in the upper left corner of the picture with mention of the Guild of St George and dated in Roman numerals MDCCCXXVII for 1827.
The painting is signed (to the left of the golden cup)by van de Veegaete and dated 1931 together with the inscription ‘d’apris J. Paelinck 1829’.
Condition of the canvas and frame are both excellent, though there is a small black mark to the face.

Overall dimensions: width 40″, height 46½”, depth 4½”.