New Stock & Mystery Solved

Hello again everyone and happy Saint David’s Day. Plenty of new stock to catch up with and we hope to have the new website go live by the end of the week.
Regarding the last week’s mystery item I am very grateful to one regular blog reader who identified it as a pewter ‘Gibson Spoon’. Invented by Charles Gibson in 1827 it allowed medicines to be given to those who couldn’t , or wouldn’t keep still including children, the mentally ill and even animals. A dose was placed in the chamber and the lid closed, with your thumb over the hole in the handle the spoon was placed in the patients mouth and when the thumb was removed the medicine was dispensed (how you got them to swallow it was another matter!) . Here is a link to another one on the website of the Science Museum in London.

New for today is this elegant late Victorian inlaid mahogany dressing table and matching marble top two drawer washstand (though it would make a very nice side or hall table) which have just arrived this morning. Superb quality manufacture and in good unrestored condition with original handles and casters.
Dimensions: Dressing Table – width 48″, depth 21″, height 62″. Wash Stand – width 48″, depth 21″, height 30″.

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