New Stock – Collectibles.

A couple of pieces of new stock here which have both turned out to be more interesting and (hopefully) collectible than first thought. You can follow both on ebay here.
First up is a delightful mid 19th.c. Pratt ware paste jar with wonderfully detailed polychrome printed scene of the British fleet at anchor.

Prattware jar

Despite the poor condition, with various chips, cracks and bumps, most noticeable around the neck it seems this is a rare and sought after pot. The design is largely unaffected bar extensive crazing. Not sure of the manufacturer. There is a small impressed mark to the base.Dimensions: height 8cm, diameter at base 7.5cm, diameter at mouth 6cm.
Next is an attractive and good sized King’s pattern salt spoon which when it came in black with tarnish was largely ignored by us all. After it was given a good clean we realised that the marks on the reverse were in fact Irish hallmarks (hence the lack of a lion mark) dating the piece to the Dublin assay office in 1804 . Of potentially even further interest is the unusual crown and thistle crest on the handle.

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