Georgian Dressing Table Mirror with Drawers c.1810.


Oak Leaf Carved Wall Mirror c.1920.


Carved & Gilded Oak Gothic Revival Mirror c.1850.


Pair 19th.c. Walnut Four Tier Mirrored Wall Brackets c.1880.


19th.c. Venetian Glass Wall Mirror c.1890.


Tall Gilt Framed Overmantle Mirror Or Pier Glass c.1900.


Carved Italian Marble Top Console Table & Mirror c.1920.


French Trumeau Overmantle Mirror with Cherubs c.1880.


Early 19th.c. Mahogany Pier Glass c.1835.


19th.c. Masonic Gilt Framed Mirror c.1870.


Large Mahogany Cheval Mirror c.1840.


19th.c. Rococo Style Gilt Frame Wall Mirror c.1880.


French Trumeau Mirror with Painted Panel of Isaiah & the Seraphim c.1880.


Gilt Framed Mirror with Eagle c.1880.


Tall Giltwood Pier Glass or Dressing Mirror c.1880.


Copper & Brass Wall Mirror c.1900.


Small Regency Rosewood Overmantle Mirror c.1820.


Regency Era Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror c.1830.


Art Deco Wall Mirror c.1930.


Large Gilded Wall Mirror c.1880.


Pair of Ornate Mahogany Wall Mirrors c.1890.


Triple Plate Cheval Dressing Mirror c.1870.


Very Large Art Nouveau Mirror c.1900.


Adjustable Shaving Mirror & Stand c.1880.


Carved Oak Mirror c.1890.


Art Deco Mirror c.1930.


Arts & Crafts Oak Wall Mirror c.1900.


Late 19th.c. Adjustable Mirror & Stand c.1880


20th.c Georgian Style Hall Mirror Or Pier Glass c.1920


Arts & Crafts Copper Hall Mirror with Brushes c.1905.


Pair of Small Gilt Frame Wall Mirrors c.1890.