Blonde Bombshell.

Back into the saddle after the excitement of last week and a couple of days away and this was the first thing to catch my eye. A superb large 19th.c. blonde loggerhead turtle shell. A couple of bits of damage but nicely polished and what a size, 20.5″ x 27″! The origin of these white shells is always the subject of debate but it seems they were a by-product of the 19th.c. fashion for turtle meat. This is without doubt the biggest of the ones we have owned over the years.

blonde turtle shell

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  1. Eugenia Luque says:

    Hello I am interested in buying this Blonde Bombshell, how much is it? Is it possible for you to send it to Miami?

    I´ll be waiting for your prompt response.

    Warm Regards


  2. Rona Sulimoff says:

    Inquiring about the Blonde Bombshell. Is the Turtle shell still available? If so please contact me at the above email .


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