Welsh Dresser c.1830

We spent a happy half hour last night dressing this impressively large Anglesey dresser. The unusual design is a transition between the traditional open rack and the glazed top of the later Cwpwrdd Gwydr. A great example, very nicely proportioned and barring a couple of knobs and a new lock it is in untouched condition. More photos and full details on our Welsh Dressers etc page.

Vintage Luggage & Clubs.

Purchased last week, this nice collection of vintage items including stylish leather luggage of various sizes, golf clubs and a copper hot water bottle from the early days of motoring.

Highlight of the luggage for me is the large brown leather case with original Canadian Pacific labels and a beautiful fitted interior and original silver mounted manicure set. Also a good Revelation Luggage Co. case retailed by Harrods of London.
Best of the clubs is an unusual Gibson’s ‘All Sqaure’ putter.

Rocking Horse.

To coincide with Cheltenham festival we have found stabling for this noble stead. A large and good quality example of the breed, c.1960. Well painted and retaining the original tack, saddle stirrups and horse hair mane and tail. Reliably house trained.
Dimensions: length 51″, height 46″.