Tibetan Bronze Temple Gong.

Very rare antique Tibetan bronze temple gong. Half inch thick bronze gong (15″ wide x 9″ tall) in the form of a stylised chatra (an umbrella like canopy with symbolic meaning to the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism) with a tooled edge. Suspended from an associated 19th.c. oak stand, carved on both sides, possibly of Indian origin. Though not loud the gong has an incredible resonance and sustain, the sound of a single strike lasting for well over a minute. Unfortunately the age and origins of this extraordinary artefact are lost but a very similar gong (smaller and minus stand) is recorded as having been collected by William Charles Hayman, a member of the notorious 1903 British military invasion of Tibet under Francis Younghusband.


Dimensions: width 22″, depth 13″, height 31″.
Year: c.1860
Price: £695
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