Large 19th.c. Portrait of a Gentleman c.1870.

Large mid 19th.c. portrait of a gentleman in oil on canvas. c.1870. Half length portrait of a sturdy looking old gent sat in a high back buttoned leather chair. Artist and sitter are not recorded but, rather than the aristocratic air of most period portraits, the subject here looks more like a working man. Wearing a very dark green/blue frock coat, black waistcoat and white frilled shirt with a black necktie. The black cap with polished peak is a rare feature in such a portrait suggesting perhaps a maritime background, though the only other clues as to his profession would seem to be the book (the bible perhaps?) upon which his left hand rests. Presented in the original frame with moulded and gilded detail. Excellent original condition.


Dimensions: width 36″, height 41″, depth 2″.
Year: c.1870.
Price: £695
Stock Number: 31808