Diorama of The Endurance Trapped in Ice.

Superb framed diorama of Ernest Shackleton’s legendary ship The Endurance. Shown trapped in the ice of the Weddel Sea, its rigging in tatters and several spars cast onto the ice, prior to its eventual destruction in November 1915. Nicely detailed wooden model with name plate, plaster ice flow with powder snow on top, against a painted background with a paper label identifying the scene. Presented behind glass in a wooden case with period oak frame and old brass hanging hoops. Excellent condition.

The abandonment of Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition after their ship became trapped and was eventually lost to the ice began one of the greatest ever stories of survival against the odds. A epic of endurance seen by many as the last great act of the great age of polar exploration.


Dimensions: width 27″, depth 7″, height 19″.
Year: c.1970
Price: £575
Stock Number: 31990