Bottle Collection c.1900.

Remarkable collection of over 200 late 19th and early 20th. century glass and stoneware bottles. Each of the glass bottles is pressed with the name and trademarks of breweries and drinks manufactures around North Wales and Cheshire. Included here are Ley of Conwy, Thomson & Co. Wrexham, Chadwick Wrexham, Edisbury Wrexham, Mytton & Galloway of Oswestry, Brown & Sons Wrexham, Lassell & Sharman of Caergrwle, Bents Liverpool, Beirne Wrexham, Soames Wrexham and Griffiths of Welshpool. Bottle crates provided for transportation and storage.


Year: c.1900
Price: £595
Stock Number: 28602