19th.c. French Trumeau Overmantle Mirror or Pier Glass c.1870.

Late 19th.c. French trumeau overmantle mirror or pier glass c.1870. Just 29″ wide with a hand painted top panel in oil on canvas over the small original mirror below. Painted panel (27″ x 40″) featuring a rather dreamlike scene set in a garden under clouded skies. Two ladies in Classical dress and flower head dresses stood over a brazier beside a figure of winged cherub in a garden. Indistinctly signed in the lower right hand corner. Slim moulded and gilded wooden frame with beed detail. Presented as found with some patched repairs to the canvas, obvious tarnish to the mirror and some minor wear to the frame.


Dimensions: width 29″, depth 1″, height 58″
Year: c.1870
Price: £695
Stock Number: 34106