3000th Blog Post!

Something of landmark today as our beloved Daily Blog hits 3000 posts. Begun in July 2008 (salad days!), with the aim of improving our online presence by adding new stock everyday it’s satisfying to look back and see that we have achieved just that with the huge amount of stock posted there over the intervening years. As posts are never removed (unlike the stock listings on the website proper) the blog and the images posted there have become part of the enormous knowledge resource of the internet – try searching Antique Welsh Dressers in Google images an see how many of the pictures have our black border around them. Anyway – enough back slapping. Back to work.

If anyone wants to go back to the beginning of the blog you can view our very first post at  http://www.collingeantiques.com/collinge-antiques-blog-launch/ (we’ve still got those  Stafforshire dogs!) and use the arrows at the side of the screen to navigate onwards from there. Enjoy!

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